Frontier Contractors specializes in working with industrial organizations with large buildings. Many industrial organizations depend on their equipment to be in working order and free from the elements of Mother Nature. The roof of your business is the last line of defense against the Weather elements that can cause delays in productivity. Most companies do not pay any attention to the roofs of their buildings until something causes them to notice a leak, or a far more damaging problem. Only then do they act, and usually in haste, to make sure the production of their goods and services are not effected. 

There is an easy solution to many of these issues. Frontier Contractors is the a leader in the flat roof industry and specializes in large roofs using only the best products available for long durable results and peace of mind. With over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry, Frontier Contractors has resolved many uncommon issues that would puzzle other roofing companies. 

When your business depends on so many working parts, the last concern you should have is with an unusual concern about your roof. You have invested a huge amount of time and money into your business, allow Frontier Contractors to remove any concerns you may have with your business’ last line of defense by installing a new Duro-Last® Roof System.  Keep everything running smoothly from the top down.